Speaking Philosophy

As a presenter, my goal is to
educate, energize and inspire
your audience with memorable stories,
insights and practical tools on taking your career, teams or organization to the next level.

Looking for a speaker that is off the beaten track that provides unique insights that are fresh, memorable and engaging?

I have held speeches, workshops and dialogues sessions in 16 counties spanning six different continents on words that bridge the divide and ignite action, public affairs, and the importance of moving toward a Circular Economy.

My presentations are customized to needs of the organizers and their audience with the goal to provide content that provides a twist to old truths couched in new insights based on the latest research and trends.

Topics of speeches and workshops
delivered globally include:

  • The power of words to transform companies and society
  • Public affairs and effective policymaking
  • Elections: Win with data-driven strategies
  • Reconciliation through dialogue
  • Crisis & Resilience: Plan & process that makes sense
  • Crisis Strategy: The non-information, information strategy
  • Storytelling & Hacks: Ignite the storyteller within
  • Communicate & impact Generation Z.
  • Regenerative & Sustainable Economy:
  • The Future
  • Public acceptance for Circular Economy
  • Climate Technology: Beyond the
  • Acronyms of CCS (Carbon Capture,
  • Utilization and Storage i.e. CCS/CCUS
  • Scale your business through Thought Leadership
Torund Bryhn