Humor moves Electric Vehicles mainstream with GM vs Audi.

General Motors (GM) in the year’s Super Bowl commercial promoted Electric Vehicles (EVs) as mainstream geared toward everyday Americans. This commercial was picked up by many media outlets as one of the best commercials. The commercial was done in humorous manner where Will Ferrell gets angry and picks a fight with Norway, because it is […]

Inspire Climate Action: Words Matter!

Reflections on Dr. Frank Luntz testimony before the U.S. Senate Democrat’s Special Committee on the Climate Crisis. “It is not what you say, it is what people hear you say,” is a quote by Dr. Frank Luntz that I often cite to make the point that do not fall in love with your message, but […]

The Power of Return CO2 – Going beyond the CCS

How words can ignite action for CCS Republished: #SINTEFblog, June 27, 2019 This blog is based on Torund Bryhn’s presentation Wednesday 19th June at TCCS-10. Authored by Torund Bryhn and Chloe Combi. Alexandra Bech Gjorv, CEO of Sintef stated at the TCCS-10 Awards Dinner, “We might need to reassess and use return instead of storage and […]

Hey Greta, CCS is possible in your lifetime.

You are right when you said at the Austrian World Summit on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 that we have not been told by the people who know better the magnitude of the climate crisis and the solutions that are available to us. It is a travesty that global leaders have not taken urgent action – […]

How about climate disruption instead of climate change?

The case for a new word to replace climate change. “It’s 2019. Can we all now please stop saying climate change,” tweeted Greta Thunberg, the sixteen-year-old Swedish environmental activist this past Friday on May 4th. The response to her tweet was overwhelming with 72,000 likes and 24,000 retweets. I agree with Greta, it is time […]