Your trusted advisor

Supporting Leaders & Organizations
to find:
the right words targeted toward
the right audience to launch at
the right time, at
the right place with
the right impact.

Cultivate & Grow
Your Ideas

Mobilize & Impact
Your Message

Optimize and Scale
Your Business

I serve Leaders & Organizations within three areas:

⇀Strategic Communications Consultant
⇀Strategic Advisor

Grow your ideas & reach the finish line

As a Coach, I help leaders and teams, who are great strategists, writers or implementors, but find themselves stuck in their approach, methodology or implementation, to get unstuck.

We go through a process of probing questions i.e. Socratic Method, to find the obstacles to untangle the knot, adjust the sails in order to effortlessly reach the intended goal.

Areas of work: Thought Leadership, Live Video, Presentation & Speeches, Campaign & Event Production and Writing & Production of Books.

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Mobilize & Create Impact

As Strategic Communications Consultant, I untangle the complexity of ideas to find the core of your message and build word-for-word a bridge to build campaigns with impact, expand influence, create new opportunities and scale businesses.

The worked is based on quantitative and qualitative research where we delve deep into the entanglement of acronyms, jargon and culture to implement data-driven words targeted toward the right channels that ignite attention, action and mobilize brand champions, build strategic relations between organizations, politicians, governments and other decision-makers to fuel growth and impact.

Areas of work: Advocacy, Branding, Messaging, Positioning, Social Media Campaigns, Offline-to-Online Campaigns, Media House and targeted Channels:
⇀Websites, Live-Video, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Podcasts, Books, Blogs, Videos, Press Releases & Media, B2B Publications and Conferences, Events & Conferences, Presentations, etc.

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Optimize Efficiency & Scale Impact

As a Strategic Advisor, I advise CEOs and Executives on every aspect of the business to ensure optimal efficiency.

This includes communicating with high-level management on ways to drive results forward in a sustainable and inclusive manner, ensuring strategy is commensurate with execution, making sure that all internal roles are performing at the highest level, developing stakeholder mapping & plan, verifying crisis and risk management plans are optimized for emergency response, and suggesting strategic business tactics that are sustainable and outcome-oriented.

Because I have in-depth, hands-on experience in multiple phases of business (including Marketing, Communications, IT & Software Development, Functional & UX Design, Business Operations, Account Management and Crisis Management). I’m able advise you on devising a holistic & streamlined plan that incorporates and integrates all departments and the key phases of your business, from idea to strategy to implementation.

Areas of work: Audit of Internal Performance, Sustainability, and Strategy, Strategy Review and Report via the lens of Porters 5 Forces and Blue Ocean Strategy, Change and Risk Management, Optimize KPI to Culture, Strategy Workshops to develop Financial-Driven Branding, Business Strategy and Change Management & Resilience and Business Continuity Plans.

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