Who is Torund Bryhn?

Serving humanity by channeling my many interests and specialties to help breakthrough
the noise and ignite action.

Untangle the complex

Build bridges through words

Mobilize public acceptance

I have multiple interests and hobbies that have been incorporated into many of my assignments.

The basic theme of my role has been change-management where the latest technology, media, various art forms and words have been the driver to help leaders and organizations untangle obstacles to transform into a new, better and thriving leader and/or organization.

As a result, my jobs have been varied and project-based and have worked within 10 different sectors, traveled to 29 countries with multiple roles along the way such as: Press Secretary in the U.S. Congress, VP of Strategic Communications for international corporations, Director of Events for world leading NGO, Head of Communications for the Norwegian Government on Climate Technology, CCS and Strategist & Speech Writer for Political Candidates, CEOs and Executives.

My differentiator

My differentiator is the ability to connect the dots and put together a plan with the right words that ignite action and is solution-driven i.e. develop and implement a plan that incorporates and integrates all the key phases of businesses, from idea to strategy to implementation.

My achieved work has gained national or international attention and impact including:
⇀Major TV Networks: BBC, CNN, CNBC, FoxNews, ABC, NRK, EURACTIV
⇀Major Publications: USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TIME, Dagens Næringsliv, New York Times, Finansavisen, Press & Journal, E24, VG, Teknisk Ukeblad, AXIOS, Telegraph.

In addition, my extensive experience as it relates to the intersection of Politics, Lobbying, Media, Government and Norwegian, U.S. & International Business helps me fully understand the unique regulation challenges, lobbying needs, media positioning, and related items every large business and nonprofit often faces.

Create Messages with Impact

“It is not what you say, it is what people hear you say that matters.” Frank Luntz

As a Norwegian American straddling two cultures, I have always been fascinated how some words are untranslatable, and this has taken me on a journey to find universal words that can transcend politics, race and creed.

My passion for words has turned into my expertise where I help untangle the barriers of jargon, acronyms and tribal language to find the words that ignite action and engagement.

Bring forth visionaries, artists and filmmakers’ work to the forefront.

Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”

My mother is an exceptional painter and taught me the important role art has to connect us to truth. While I am a mediocre painter and hobby photographer, I have an ardent love for all types of art forms, and as such have used my PR expertise to help artists shine.

When an artwork speaks to me, I have at times offered my services and have helped painters get their work mentioned in the media and secured their work into reputable galleries, promoted musicians to secure gigs, and have been part of producing documentaries on international and public affairs.

My passion for various art forms has translated into an integral strategy to help leaders and organizations to communicate their message in a unique, creative and effective way.

Realize the book that is on your heart.

Since childhood, I have been a bookworm and have about a half of dozen books by my bed stand and many more on my audible and kindle that I want to read.

The love of books has followed me into my career where I have worked on the research, editing, strategic development and promotions of books, including a bestseller. During most of my career, I have outside of my day job assisted first time authors to publish and market their books. And in various positions, I have incorporated the production of books to tell stories to galvanize internal pride, provide insights on a new theory, or expand influence in a particular sector.

Lately this passion has become part of my day job, where I currently coach authors and assist in the production of books.

“Books open windows to the world and have the power to transform lives.” by Ralph Lauren


A driver for me is to bring forth messages that help create a cleaner, healthier and safer society. I have worked or volunteered on improving the lives of those infected with AIDS, the importance of religious freedom, First Amendment rights, Cancer research, adoption, micro-finance, ethics and public policy, diversity and transitioning to a sustainable economy i.e. Circular Economy.

For the last three years, my focus has on find the right words through research that can be a bridge between engineers i.e. science/technical projects and the public to support the climate technology Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and the Circular Economy for us to be better stewards of the earth’s resources.

My Why

My why is simple – to serve people and organizations to get their message out to as many people as possible with the greatest impact on society.

My motto is “I let your message fly high.” I serve to untangle the obstacles that is holding the organization, artist, or leader back to soar to greater heights.