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If you at times feel lost for words, have gotten your message lost in translation, or launched a post, video or campaign only to get lost in the noise, Moving Beyond Acronyms weekly podcast is for you.


Looking for a speaker that is off the beaten track with insights that are fresh, memorable and engaging?

My presentations are customized to fit your needs and provide content with a twist on old truths couched in new insights that are grounded on the latest research and trends.

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Feel lost in translation and lost in the noise of the competition?

I can work with you to help untangle the complexity of ideas to find the core of your message and build word-for-word a bridge to new relationships, wealth and opportunities.

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Let’s connect, educate, impact and mobilize your most important audience.

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“Torund has the gift of seeing what the crucial point is in any given (possibly ambiguous) situation — she can cut away the nonsense and get right to the important stuff. Then, she can take this important stuff and show you how to use it in a way that truly adds value. Additionally, she is a joy to be around. Her energy and enthusiasm infuse everything she does, and serves as a catalyst to those around her. I endorse her heartily and with great pleasure.. “

“Torund is one of the most driven and enthusiastic people I have ever worked with. Passionate about whatever she’s working on, she has an eye for detail and a determination to get the job done well. She is also a strategic, big-picture thinker and her fresh approach to any project is a real asset. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

“Some people just talk in big terms but do nothing. Others talk in big terms and follow up with action. Torund ALWAYS follows up, she is all action. And she succeeds every step of the way. Torund has ideas, she is hard working, she does not give in to anything, and her efforts give results – great results.”


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Every Thursday, I release an episode to inspire and inform on how to break free from the acronyms of our lives and create massive impact. Take a listen.

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