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Adjusting the Sails: Moving from ‘Acronyms’​ to ‘Tribe’​

Adjusting the Sails: Moving from ‘Acronyms’​ to ‘Tribe’​

Three lessons from hosting a podcast "Action breeds clarity" is what my mentor Michelle Sorro always tells me. She is right. This past March, I took her advice. I ignored the imposter syndrome within, and during the height of COVID-19, took the plunge and launched a...

Inspire Climate Action: Words Matter!

Inspire Climate Action: Words Matter!

Reflections on Dr. Frank Luntz testimony before the U.S. Senate Democrat's Special Committee on the Climate Crisis. “It is not what you say, it is what people hear you say,” is a quote by Dr. Frank Luntz that I often cite to make the point that do not fall in love...

The Power of Return CO2 – Going beyond the CCS

The Power of Return CO2 – Going beyond the CCS

How words can ignite action for CCS Republished: #SINTEFblog, June 27, 2019 This blog is based on Torund Bryhn’s presentation Wednesday 19th June at TCCS-10. Authored by Torund Bryhn and Chloe Combi. Alexandra Bech Gjorv, CEO of Sintef stated at the TCCS-10 Awards...


“Torund has the gift of seeing what the crucial point is in any given (possibly ambiguous) situation — she can cut away the nonsense and get right to the important stuff. Then, she can take this important stuff and show you how to use it in a way that truly adds value. Additionally, she is a joy to be around. Her energy and enthusiasm infuse everything she does, and serves as a catalyst to those around her. I endorse her heartily and with great pleasure.. “

— Elizabeth Sheer, VP Candidate Experience and Director of Business Intelligence, Partnership in Human Resources International

“Torund is one of the most driven and enthusiastic people I have ever worked with. Passionate about whatever she’s working on, she has an eye for detail and a determination to get the job done well. She is also a strategic, big-picture thinker and her fresh approach to any project is a real asset. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

—Jan Butter, Head of Global Advocacy Communications, World Vision

“Some people just talk in big terms but do nothing. Others talk in big terms and follow up with action. Torund ALWAYS follows up, she is all action. And she succeeds every step of the way. Torund has ideas, she is hard working, she does not give in to anything, and her efforts give results – great results.”

—Anne Blütecher Holter, Admin. Coordinator to CEO and C-Suite, AGR


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